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Dr. Le’s ultimate goal is to help her patients lead well-balanced, healthy, and happy lives by improving their emotional and psychological wellbeing, and strengthening the social bonds and family relationships that lie at the core of their happiness. Children cannot succeed in life without the emotional support and steady guidance of the family systems within which they grow. Thus, Dr. Le works closely with parents and other figures that are directly involved with the care of her patients to promote optimum health for these children and their families.

Dr. Le is extensively trained in both psychopharmacology and psychotherapy, and is able to provide either, or both modalities of treatment to her patients.  In her initial evaluation and ongoing work with you, Dr. Le will assess your needs and concerns, determine what treatment options may be available to you and how each may be helpful, and share her clinical impressions with you.

Her treatment recommendations may or may not include medication, depending on your circumstances.  Dr. Le will offer her medical knowledge and professional expertise to help you and your family balance the risks and benefits of any treatment option you may consider, whether or not this includes medication, so the treatment plan you choose will be relevant, sensible, and helpful to you.

Dr. Le provides comprehensive psychiatric assessments of all potential patients. In her evaluation, she takes into consideration all relevant information about a patient's background, family makeup, educational and social experiences, strengths and struggles, preferences and concerns, and previous medical and psychological assessments and treatments.  The more information that is available to her about you or your child, the better her understanding will be of your needs and how she can be helpful to you.  Thus, she asks that you bring any past psychological and/or educational testing results, as well as details of any relevant medical and medication history to your first appointment with her.

To make an appointment for an initial consultation with Dr. Vandai Le, please call 949.877.6327, or submit a request on our Appointments page.


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