Dr. Le's utmost priority is the wellbeing of her patients. Dr. Le strives to provide the highest quality care to the children and families she serves, without undue influence of outside entities. Through her experience Dr. Le has found that insurance companies often place unnecessary and excessive restrictions on how physicians care for their patients. In many instances, insurance companies have tried to dictate how much time Dr. Le spends with her patients, what types of care she provides them, and even which medication she prescribes them. For these reasons, Dr. Le does not participate on insurance panels. 

Should patients chose to request reimbursement from their respective insurance companies, Dr. Le would be glad to provide a receipt or "super bill" that patients may submit to their health plans. 

Patients who choose to submit invoices to their insurance plans for reimbursement should keep in mind that 1) request for reimbursement does not guarantee payment by insurance companies, and 2) insurance companies may choose to use the health data they have collected about patients to decide future coverage eligibility and premiums . 


Services Offered

Dr. Le is extensively trained in both psychopharmacology and psychotherapy, and is able to provide either, or both modalities of treatment to her patients.  In her initial evaluation and ongoing work with you, Dr. Le will assess your needs and concerns, determine what treatment options may be available to you and how each may be helpful, and share her clinical impressions with you.  


Fees (as of January 2019):

90-minute Initial Consultation:  $695 

50-minute Psychotherapy with or without medication management:  $425

50-minute Psychopharmacology/medication management:  $425

25-minute Psychopharmacology/medication management:  $275


Some evaluations require more than one session.  Additional sessions are in 50-minute increments and will be billed at the 50-minute rate. 

Payment is due at the time of service. Forms of payment accepted include cash and checks.  Credit cards may also be processed.


To make an appointment for an initial consultation with Dr. Vandai Le, please call 949.877.6327, or submit a request on our Appointments page.


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